Why You Should Not Leave Your Cat At Home By Itself For More Than 24 Hours

Cats are amazing. There’s quite a difference between cats and dogs … after all, dogs love anyone that feeds them. Cats on the other hand only love people who treat them like royalty. If you have gained the love and affection of a cat, you’re no doubt doing something right. Away Home & Pet Care […]

Saving Paws: How Our Ogden Pet Sitters Tackle Pet Emergencies

Dog sitting next to a first-aid kit

Pet parents traveling out of town often worry about how best to ensure the wellbeing of their animals during a trip, which is why at Away Home & Pet Care of Ogden Utah, we train all of our pet sitters on how best to respond in case an unexpected medical crisis arises while your pet […]

What Are The Differences Between Professional and Part-Time Pet Sitters?

Professional pet sitter in Ogden Utah

This is a question we are asked about constantly. In fact, it’s probably the most common question we get at Away Home & Pet Care.  Finding someone to care for your pet while you’re away can be challenging. There are so many more options available today than there were a decade ago. A quick search […]

The Importance of Daily Cat Visits: Why Every Other Day is Not Enough

Cat sitter in Ogden Utah petting a cat

As a cat sitter, it is common for us to receive requests for “every other day” or even a couple visits per week from prospective clients. While some may think that this is sufficient for their feline friends, it is important to understand the importance of daily visits for the health and well-being of cats. […]

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Our Professional Ogden Cat Sitting Services!

Cat Sitter Ogden Utah

Are You an Ogden cat lover and these sound familiar? Away Home & Pet Care’s premium cat sitting services in Ogden can offer some peace of mind. Our experienced team of cat sitters will offer customized care that ensures its well-being while you’re away – they’ll make sure it feels safe, loved, and at ease […]

Beat the Heat: How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer in Ogden

Dogs in Ogden, Utah playing in the pool with their dog sitter

Dogs are fun and loyal companions, but they need extra care during the summer months to stay healthy and safe. With soaring temperatures in Ogden, it’s important to know how to keep your pup comfortable and happy while still enjoying the outdoors. Here are some tips for keeping your four-legged friend safe from heat-related illnesses […]

Fear-Free®️ Certified Professional Pet Business

Fear-Free Certified

Continuing education is important for Away Home & Pet Care. Because this is more than a side-hustle for us, we invest time and money training our pet sitters and dog walkers to be the best in the industry. Our Ogden, Utah pet sitting and dog walk service is the best money can buy. We are […]

Is Your Family Ready for Another Dog? Consider These 3 Things First

Welsh Corgi puppy in Ogden Utah

Dogs make wonderful, loyal, and loving companions—so much so that it can be tempting to surround ourselves with a pack of them. Like potato chips, it’s difficult to stop at just one. But is your household up to the challenge of welcoming a new furry family member? Are Your Kids Ready? Getting a dog should […]

Winter Pet Safety Advice

Dog in the snow

You know how the song goes …”oh…the weather outside is frightful….”, right?  Winter-time and the inclement weather that it brings can be “frightful” for your fur-kids too, but your pet care professionals at Away Home & Pet Care are here to help you get your pets safely through the winter months. Read on….. Garage Check […]

free checklist for hiring the perfect pet sitter

Pet Sitter Checklist Cover

Tired of second guessing every pet sitter you hire?

Our comprehensive guide will take the worry out of hiring a pet sitter. Expert tips, interview questions and a printable checklist to help you confidently leave your furry friends in the hands of a pet sitter.