Beat the Heat: How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer in Ogden

Dogs in Ogden, Utah playing in the pool with their dog sitter

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Dogs are fun and loyal companions, but they need extra care during the summer months to stay healthy and safe. With soaring temperatures in Ogden, it’s important to know how to keep your pup comfortable and happy while still enjoying the outdoors. Here are some tips for keeping your four-legged friend safe from heat-related illnesses this summer season with help from pet sitters in Ogden.

1. Identifying signs of heat exhaustion in dogs

Heat exhaustion in dogs can be difficult to identify, but there are certain signs that owners should look out for.

It is important to note that our pet sitters in Ogden, UT are specially trained to identify symptoms of heat exhaustion. They stay up to date on the weather in Ogden and take precautions to prevent heat exhaustion. Some symptoms of heat exhaustion in dogs include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, drooling, lethargy, confusion, vomiting or diarrhea, and collapse. If any of these signs are present it is important to seek medical attention right away.

To help prevent heat exhaustion, owners should ensure their dog has access to shade and plenty of water at all times during hot weather. Dogs should not be left in cars on even slightly warm days as temperatures inside can quickly become dangerously high.

To provide more relief from the summer heat, pet parents can buy cooling jackets or beds for their furry friends and they can also purchase wading pools for them to play in.

2. Tips for keeping your dog cool during hot summer days

It is important for owners to pay attention to the signs that their dog is getting too hot and make sure they know when it is time to take a break from outdoor activities. Restricting exercise on hotter days and avoiding strenuous activities like running can help reduce the possibility of heat exhaustion.

Owners should also encourage their pets to drink plenty of water throughout the day – adding ice cubes to their bowls can also be beneficial in keeping them hydrated. If possible, it may be beneficial to use a kiddie pool or sprinkler for your pup so they can take a dip every now and then and cool off. Additionally, applying wet towels over your pet’s head, neck, chest and feet can provide instant relief from the heat. Lastly, as mentioned before looking for areas of shade where your pup can relax is always beneficial during hot summer days.

Our dog walkers are trained to ensure your pups can enjoy a nice walk in the neighborhood while keeping them safe.

3. The importance of hydration and nutrition for dogs in the summertime

Hydration is essential for dogs during the summertime, no matter what activity they are engaged in. Dogs don’t sweat to cool themselves off as humans do, so they rely on panting and their tongues hanging out to help regulate their body temperature. That’s why it is important for them to have access to cool water throughout the day. When a dog’s body gets too hot, it can cause serious issues such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. To prevent this from happening, owners should make sure their pup has plenty of water available during any outdoor activities. It may also be beneficial to look for areas of shade where your pup can rest if needed.

In addition to hydration, nutrition is also an important factor for keeping your pet healthy during the summer months. Owners should make sure their pup has enough of the right food, which primarily includes proteins and fats with a few carbohydrates thrown in as well. High-quality protein sources such as lean meats or fish can help keep your dog’s energy levels up when they are being active outdoors in the heat. Fats are important too because they provide the necessary fuel that helps keep your pup cool in the hotter months.

Lastly, some carbs such as brown rice or sweet potato can give your dog that extra boost of energy when playing or walking around outside during the summertime – especially since they burn more calories in warmer weather than other times of the year due to excess panting and salivating!

4. How to create a safe outdoor environment for your pet

It is important to create a safe environment for your pet when they are outdoors. Firstly, make sure your yard is fenced in and secure so that your pet cannot escape or wander off. If you plan to leave your pet outside for long periods of time, it’s essential to provide a comfortable shelter that is big enough for them to move around and that has good ventilation. It should also be placed in a shady area or have some type of covering so that direct sunlight doesn’t get too intense. Additionally, check the temperature inside the shelter with a thermometer regularly to make sure it isn’t too hot and that adequate cooling fans are installed if needed.

If you plan on taking your pet out on walks during the summer months, keep an eye out for any areas with hot pavement or asphalt as these can very quickly burn their paws – potentially causing blisters and other skin irritations. Lastly, always make sure they wear identification tags with emergency contact information just in case something unexpected happens while they are outdoors.

When it comes to extreme heat, it’s best to err on the side of caution and keep pets indoors when possible, or hire a professional pet sitter who can ensure their safety while you’re away from home.

6. How our pet sitters and dog walkers keep your pets safe

Our pet sitters and dog walkers in Ogden are specially trained professionals who work extra hard to ensure your furry friends are safe during the summer months. Our pet sitters and dog walkers take extra care to ensure pets stay cool and hydrated during hot weather by providing plenty of shade, and fresh water. They also keep an eye out for extreme heat advisories that can affect the health of your pet.

If the temperatures are especially high, our pet sitters and dog walkers may opt to provide activities indoors. This includes playing interactive games like fetch or tug-of-war, providing mental stimulation through training exercises, or reducing the intensity of our walks and allowing your pups to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood to take in all the scents and smells.


Remember that extreme heat can present a serious threat to pets, so it’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to their safety by keeping them indoors or hiring professional pet sitters in Ogden who are specially trained for these situations. With proper planning and preparation, you can ensure that your furry friends stay cool and comfortable while they enjoy all the fun activities summertime has to offer!

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