Why You Should Not Leave Your Cat At Home By Itself For More Than 24 Hours

Cats are amazing. There’s quite a difference between cats and dogs … after all, dogs love anyone that feeds them. Cats on the other hand only love people who treat them like royalty. If you have gained the love and affection of a cat, you’re no doubt doing something right. Away Home & Pet Care […]

How Much Does A Pet Sitter in Ogden, UT Cost?

Dog laying on couch

You’ve made your vacation reservations – booked your flight, reserved your hotel room and booked a rental car. Now you need to figure out what to do with your furry family members while you’re out of town. There are many options available to you, from asking family and friends to care for your pets, to […]

Visit Report Cards

Pet sitter in Ogden Utah sending a pet visit report to a client

Introducing Visit Report Cards We are excited to announce our new and improved visit report cards. These report cards are sent at the end of each pet sitting and dog walking visit and can be delivered via text message, email, or in our new app. All visit report cards will also be archived in your […]

free checklist for hiring the perfect pet sitter

Pet Sitter Checklist Cover

Tired of second guessing every pet sitter you hire?

Our comprehensive guide will take the worry out of hiring a pet sitter. Expert tips, interview questions and a printable checklist to help you confidently leave your furry friends in the hands of a pet sitter.