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High Energy Dogs

High energy dogs will benefit greatly from daily dog walking in Ogden, Utah.

Healthier Dogs

Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise to maintain good cardiovascular health and weight.

Calmer Dogs

A daily dog walk can help keep your dog more calm during the day and at night.

Safety Is Our Priority

We only walk dogs from the same household. No pack walks here. At risk dogs wear GPS collars.

Your Dog Is Your Best Friend. Help Him Live a Longer, Healthier Life With a Daily Dog Walk.

Private Dog Walks In Your Neighborhood.

There’s no denying that exercise is just as important to man’s best friend as it is to humans. Our private dog walks in Ogden, UT provide important health benefits and lots of fun for your pooch while ensuring their safety.

We are certified in pet first aid and CPR and our dog walkers undergo a rigorous background check for your dog’s safety.

Your dog’s safety is our #1 priority and we’ll make sure you pup comes back home safely. Though we’ve never needed it, at-risk dogs will wear a GPS so your dog walker can locate your dog should he get loose. 

Service Area: Our fully licensed, bonded and insured Ogden UT dog walkers are available in Northern Utah: Ogden, North Ogden, South Ogden, Washington Terrace, Riverdale, Clinton, Clearfield, West Point, Layton, Roy, West Haven and Plain City. We cover most of Weber and Davis counties.

What are the benefits of dog walking?

Regular dog walks help keep your pup healthier.

Just like us, dogs benefit greatly from regular exercise. Maintain a healthy weight. Better joint health. Regulates the digestive and urinary systems. Better mental and emotional health.

Mental stimulation means less destructive dogs.

When dogs have something fun to do during the day, they are less likely to be destructive in your home. Dogs can easily become bored during the day and a daily dog walk can be an easy fix for many behavioral problems.

Happier dogs and better socialization.

When your dog has a daily dog walk, they get to explore the neighborhood, sniff new scents, see wildlife, and experience other people with their pets. Dogs are social creatures and exposure to the outdoors allows for a better adjusted dog.

Fewer behavioral problems.

Our expert dog walkers in Ogden, UT will reinforce any training you have been providing your dog and will notify you of any behavioral issues so they can be addressed. Your dog walker will also teach proper leash skills, how to sit and how to stay.

Tell Me More About Your Dog Walking Service.

Our Ogden dog walking service is not your run-of-the-mill dog walking service. We offer private one-on-one dog walks which are customizable according to your dog’s needs.

Your dog walker utilizes a mobile app which tracks their GPS location and our office monitors their routes to verify their walks and your dog’s location at all times.

Safety is our # 1 priority and our dog walkers attach your dog’s leash to a specially designed dog walking belt to ensure your dog’s safe return home.


What days do you provide dog walks?

We provide dog walking services on most days of the year except major holidays.

Do you walk dogs during inclement weather?

We walk dogs 365 days a year in every type of weather, including rain, snow and summer heat. However, your dog’s safety is our # 1 priority so we may alter walk lengths to ensure the comfort and health of your dog in the event of extreme cold or heat.

Will I have the same dog walker every time?

You will be assigned a primary dog walker based on the needs of your dog. We assign dog walkers that will best fit the personality of your dog. While we try to keep the same dog walker on all visits,  we may utilize additional staff members to provide coverage.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

We absolutely are! We are a full time, highly professional pet sitting business that takes our reputation very seriously. We wouldn’t have over 1,000 clients if we weren’t dependable and trustworthy. 

Will you provide references?

We invite you to check out our reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook. If after reviewing these reviews you’re still not convinced, we’re happy to provide you with contact information to clients who will happily serve as references.

Are you going to walk my dog with other dogs?

All of our dog walks are private. We do not offer pack walks, so your dog will receive one-on-one attention from your personal dog walker. 

How do you ensure my dog's safety?

Your dog’s safety is our # 1 concern. We only use our own leashes during our walks as they are attached to a specially designed dog walking belt that your dog walker wears. High risk dogs will wear a GPS collar that we provide for the duration of the walk. Furthermore, we do not allow your dogs to interact with other dogs during our walks.

Can you guarantee a specific time?

We provide walks during specific time windows. We cannot guarantee a specific arrival time, but we do guarantee we’ll show up during your requested window. 


A 30 minute walk is perfect for most dogs, especially low energy and older pups. Your dog walker will provide fresh water and a food refill if desired. This rate is if applicable for up to 2 dogs. Add $5 for each additional dog. 


For dogs that need a little extra attention, a 45 minute dog walk will provide even more time for exploring the neighborhood, walking a favorite trail, or visiting a nearby dog park to play with other pups if you’d like. Add $7 for each additional dog over 2. 


Best for young dogs or high energy breeds such as Border Collies, Australian Shepherds,  Weimaraners, Dalmations, Greyhounds, Terriers, Pit Bulls (and many others), a 1 hour walk will help ensure your dog works out much of that built up energy. Add $10 for each additional dog over 2. 

Locations more than 15 minutes from your pet professional’s home may be subject to a small travel surcharge.

Meet and greet: we require a meet and greet for all new clients. This meeting is free of charge for clients booking and paying for 5 or more visits, otherwise a standard visit charge applies.