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Pets or No Pets, We've Got You Covered
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Pets or no pets

Pets or no pets, we’ve got you covered. You’ll travel knowing your home and pets are properly cared for. 

Overnight Sleepover

A licensed and bonded house sitter can stay at your home overnight to ensure the safety of your home.

house checks

Away from home for an extended time? We provide house checks to ensure the safety of your home while away.

Ultimate Luxury

If you have pets, skip the kennel. Pets stay in their own home where they are most comfortable. The ultimate pet party!

Your home is your castle. We care for it as if it were ours.

House Sitting While You’re Away

Your home is your castle. Make sure it remains that way. Whether you have pets or not, we provide house sitting services for clients traveling out of town.

For owners without pets, our home security checks ensure your home remains functional while out of town. Our security checks include:

  • Retrieve mail, packages and newspapers
  • Check for water leaks in the laundry area, bathrooms, ceilings and water heater.
  • Make sure appliances are in good working order.
  • Ensure air conditioning and heating is working.
  • Ensure cameras are plugged in.
  • Check windows and entrances for security breaches.
  • Wind grandfather clocks.
  • Check exterior of home for security concerns.
  • Place trash cans on the curb.
  • Any other checks you’d like – our services are completely customizable according to your needs.

If you own pets, you probably agree that placing your pets in a kennel or boarding facility isn’t the ideal solution when you’re away. At Away Home & Pet Care we know you care deeply for your pets and want only the best for them. Our pet sitting service is just that – the ultimate luxurious experience for your pets and complete peace-of-mind and convenience for you.

Our Ogden-based pet sitters are licensed and bonded and your pet’s safety is our #1 priority. That’s why we are certified in pet first aid and CPR.

Service Areas: Overnight pet sitting service is available in these locations in Northern Utah: Ogden, North Ogden, South Ogden, Washington Terrace, Riverdale, Clinton, Clearfield, Syracuse, West Point, Layton, Roy, West Haven and Plain City. Covering most of Weber and Davis counties.

Why should I chose house sitting?

Safety for your home.

Because a licensed and bonded pet sitter will be staying overnight with your pets, your home will be lived-in making it a less attractive target for thieves and burglars. Your sitter will also perform regular security checks including ensuring all locks are secured, checking for broken windows and identifying water leaks. 

Peace of mind and convenience for you.

If you have pets, since you’ll be skipping the kennel, pets stay in their own home. Best of all, your smiling pets will be waiting for you when you return from your trip. Your pet sitter will be in constant communication with you throughout the service and will send report cards and photos throughout the stay so you never have to wonder how your pets are doing.

Healthier pets.

Because your pets will stay in their own environment, there is no chance your pet could come down with a communicable disease. Pets can easily catch kennel cough, heartworm, parvovirus and ringworm from social settings. 

Less stress for your pets.

If you ask your pets what they prefer, they would tell you they would rather stay at home in their own familiar environment where they’re most comfortable.

Tell Me More About Your House Sitting.

Our house sitting services are customizable according to your need. Whether or not you own pets, our house sitting services are perfect  for people traveling out of town.

We provide home checks on a variety of schedules, ranging from daily checks, weekly checks, or having a house sitter staying in your home while you’re away.

For owners with pets, overnight pet sitting is the most luxurious service we offer. A licensed and bonded pet sitter will stay in your home from approximately 9:00 pm to 7:00 am following a customized routine that ensures your pet’s ultimate comfort.

We’ll provide fresh food and water, administer medications, take your dogs for a walk, have playtime in the yard, play fetch, have a brushing session, provide puppy massages, and tons of lap time, belly rubs and cuddles.

What days do you provide house sitting?

We operate 7 days a week, 365 days per year including holidays.

Will I have the same house sitter each time?

You will be assigned a primary house sitter based on the needs of your home and/or your pets and their personality. While we try to keep the same house sitter on all visits,  we may utilize additional staff members to provide coverage especially for longer stays.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

We absolutely are! We are a full time, highly professional pet sitting business that takes our reputation very seriously. We wouldn’t have over 1,000 clients if we weren’t dependable and trustworthy. 

Will you provide references?

We invite you to check out our reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook. If after reviewing these reviews you’re still not convinced, we’re happy to provide you with contact information to clients who will happily serve as references.

I have cameras in my home. We will be watching you!

We do not have a problem with cameras in the home. In fact, they protect us and prove that we are doing our job. However, we do not allow cameras in private areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms or bedrooms.


A licensed, bonded and insured house sitter will stay in your home from approximately 10:00 pm to 6:00 am (at least 8 hours guaranteed) following a customized routine that we’ll develop in collaboration with you. You can also schedule additional visits throughout the day to accommodate potty breaks and meals. Additional visits are charged at our standard drop-in rate.


Your house sitter will provide drop-in visits to perform security checks and any other minor maintenance you require. These checks generally last about 15 minutes and you’ll receive a property report and pictures at the conclusion of each check-in.

This is perfect for clients who have a home in the area, but reside somewhere else throughout the year. Also great for AirBNB checks. 

The majority of our clients book this service one to three times per week. 


Locations more than 15 minutes from your pet professional’s home may be subject to a small travel surcharge.

Meet and greet: we require a meet and greet for all new clients. This meeting is free of charge for clients booking and paying for 5 or more visits, otherwise a standard visit charge applies.