How Do I Keep My Pet Safe at Dog Parks?

Dog walker in Ogden Utah taking a dog to Glasman Pond Park

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Dog parks can be fun for your dog because it will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs and entertain itself. However, to ensure your dog and other dogs can have as much fun as possible, there are safety restrictions that must be upheld.

Polite Play

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is not aggressive toward other dogs, but the minimization of your dog’s aggression begins at home. Train your dog by using collars and playtime sessions and establishing boundaries. Use a collar to cause gentle discomfort to your dog if it is misbehaving, and your dog will learn how to appropriate its behavior. You should train your dog to learn respect for the property on which it traverses. If your dog is in forbidden territory, then you should reprimand it for its actions so that you can establish authority over it. This will help when you want to take your dog to the dog park.

Know Your Dog

It’s recommended that you should know how your dog reacts to strangers. You should know what actions will trigger your dog and cause it to be angry with strangers. Bringing an aggressive dog to the dog park is dangerous because the park is full of many strangers and dogs, so it is recommended that you slowly expose them to strangers at home, beginning with a small number of strangers and progressing toward a group of strangers. This will help orient them with how strangers may act and make them comfortable with being at a dog park.

Vaccinate Your Dog

If you are unsure if your dog has been vaccinated, check with your local veterinarian. Your dog’s vaccination records should stay up-to-date so that when you take your dog to the dog park, your dog does not have any risk of being infected with a disease from other dogs. Additionally, there are several parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses that your dog can encounter outside. Some conditions are passed through feces, and your dog will be around other dogs’ feces at the park. Thus, it’s important to take extra precautions by protecting your dog with vaccinations before you take your dog to one of these parks.

Dog parks should be safe and fun for all dog owners, and understanding your dog’s profile is a key to that safety and entertainment. Doing the above things will help you and your dog to have a better experience at the dog park.

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