What You Need to Know Before Walking Your Dog in the Summer

Dog walking on sidewalk on leash in Ogden, UT

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It’s fun to walk your dog. Many people enjoy taking their dogs on walks, but it’s important to follow some basic rules before doing so.


Summertime walks are a lot of fun, but there is one bit of detail many people forget: if the pavement or asphalt is too hot for you to walk barefoot, then it’s too hot for your pooch.

  • Consider taking your dog on a walk in the morning or in the evening when it’s not so hot outside.
  • Walk your dog on the grass rather than on the road or sidewalk. In areas where there are no sidewalks, let Fido walk on the grass while you walk along the side of the road.
  • Use dog shoes. Dog shoes like these All Weather Neopreme Paw Protector Dog Boots from Amazon are dog walker approved and will keep your dog’s paws cool during the summer, and dry during wet weather.


Dehydration is caused by a lack of water intake and will cause serious complications for your pets.  If you decide to walk your dogs outside during the summer, be sure to bring along extra water. Especially at risk are elderly dogs and those with certain illnesses.

Some signs of dehydration include:

  • No appetite
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Lethargic temperment


Sunburn on dogs is something not many people think about, because a dog’s coat helps block out the sun’s dangerous rays that cause a sunburn. Depending on your location, a dog can get sunburned in as little as 45 minutes after being outside. Because applying sunscreen to a dog can be dangerous and poisonous, limit the time your dog is exposed to the sun’s rays.

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