Springtime Dangers to Pets

Mastiff in the grass

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There are many dangers to pets during the spring, and it is important to take steps to ensure that your pets stay safe. Some springtime dangers are found in the natural environment, but others are created by people’s springtime activities. Here are some common hazards to pets during the spring:


Many cats enjoy laying on open windowsills to take a nap, but this can be dangerous. Cats can accidentally push the screen open and fall out which could cause serious injury, even if the window is not high off the ground. Therefore, it is best not to leave windows open while you are away in addition to ensuring all windows screens are held firmly in place.


Many people do home improvement projects during the spring. Some of these projects involve using potentially toxic substances. Even if you are not doing any projects using these chemicals, your neighbors may be. This can be a danger to free roaming pets. Generally speaking, cats tend to avoid such substances. However, this can create a serious risk for free roaming dogs. Therefore, it’s exceptionally important to keep dogs on a leash during the spring. When you hire a dog walker from Away Home & Pet Care, you can rest assured that we will not allow your dog to walk around without a leash, nor will they allow your dog to roam in another person’s yard.

Chemicals that are used to treat lawns can be dangerous as well. If you see a sign that says to keep pets and children off of grass, make sure that you pay attention to them. These chemicals are commonly used during the spring.


During the spring, plants begin to bloom and become more visible. Many plants can be dangerous to pets. This includes many plants that are common in gardens, such as azaleas, jimson weed, lilies, and lantana. It is possible to read a more complete list of plants that are toxic to pets on the ASPCA website.

Some toxic wild plants begin to grow during spring. If you notice your pet sniffing or eating a plant off the ground, it’s important to remove them from it immediately. It is a good idea to keep treats with you when your pet is outdoors in order to be more easily able to get a potentially dangerous plant away from your pet.

There are also many toxic mushrooms that grow during the spring. In many cases, toxic mushrooms are even more dangerous than toxic plants.


Not all foods that are safe for humans are safe for pets. In fact, some foods that are commonly eaten during Easter are potentially hazardous to pets. Chocolate is one of the most notable examples, and it can be fatal when eaten by pets. Unfortunately, dogs are often attracted to the smell of chocolate.

In addition, the fake grass that is used for easter baskets is sometimes attractive to pets. Pets may become confused and think it is a form of real grass, which many pets eat. However, fake grass can cause hazardous digestive problems when it is ingested.


Many wild animals wake up from hibernation as the weather begins to warm up in the spring. This means that there is an increased chance of your pet encountering a wild animal while outdoors or while on a walk. This danger is most serious for cats and small dogs due to their smaller size.


Warmer weather can make some pets more likely to wander and remain outdoors for a long period of time. Small critters also tend to be more active during the warmer weather, and your pet may chase them over a long distance.


Ticks and fleas become much more commonplace during the spring, and they pose a potentially serious danger to pets. Ticks can spread a variety of diseases to pets, such as tularemia, babeosis, and tick paralysis. Fleas also can spread diseases, such as tapeworms and cat scratch disease.

In order to prevent ticks and fleas, it is essential to make sure that you use a high quality tick repellent for your pet. If your pet gets fleas, it is essential that you take action to eliminate the problem immediately. Furthermore, it is important to remove any ticks that your pet picks up. This can reduce the risk of disease transmission from the bite.


Many dangerous insects and spiders become more active during the warmer weather. It is not uncommon for pets to attempt to ingest well known stinging insects, such as bees and scorpions. This can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, it’s important to keep a close eye on your pets to ensure that they do not eat any dangerous insects. Other insects don’t sting but are toxic to ingest. An example of such an insect is the monarch butterfly.


When you hire a professional pet sitter from Away Home & Pet Care, you can be assured that your sitter is well-trained to identify the various dangers your pets can encounter. Not only will you have peace of mind that your pets will be in great hands, you can be confident that your pets will be as safe as possible.

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