What Are The Differences Between Professional and Part-Time Pet Sitters?

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This is a question we are asked about constantly. In fact, it’s probably the most common question we get at Away Home & Pet Care. 

Finding someone to care for your pet while you’re away can be challenging.

There are so many more options available today than there were a decade ago. A quick search online might prove to be overwhelming and will likely show multiple people offering pet sitting services. But it’s important to note that not all possess equivalent qualifications and experience.

Before making a choice about who should watch over your pets while you’re gone, it is critical that you understand the primary differences between professional and part-time sitters.


One of the key differences between professional pet sitters and individuals who watch pets as side hustles is that professional sitters typically have more experience and dedication to providing high quality care for animals.

Professional pet sitters provide care for multiple pets each day – more than an average pet owner could ever hope to own in their lifetime! Their knowledge and expertise make it possible to handle various animals with equal ease – cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and reptiles among them!

Experienced pet sitters have witnessed all sorts of animals interact with each other and their environment in unique ways, providing a safer and more secure environment for every pet that enters their care, even those that require more regular attention than usual.

On the other hand, a part-time pet sitter may possess less experience or training and be focused more on providing basic care services for the animal in need.

Consider how you feel when you need medical care. If you had a choice, would you more likely choose a provider that has seen thousands of pets, or one fresh out of school? The difference can be stark. There is no substitution for actual real world experience.

At Away Home & Pet Care, our pet sitters are experts in their field. With over 16 years of experience, you’ll be hard pressed to find another professional pet sitting business in Ogden, Utah with more.

Training and Qualifications

Professional pet sitters are typically trained to provide animals with the best care possible, including understanding their needs, behavior and overall health. They have expertise with various breeds and provide advice regarding nutrition, exercise and other aspects of pet care. In addition, many are certified in Pet First Aid/CPR to quickly respond in any medical emergencies that may arise.

Pet First Aid and CPR certification is essential for professional pet sitters as it equips them with the knowledge and training to handle medical emergencies that may arise while caring for pets. Furthermore, this certification teaches pet sitters how to recognize signs of distress in animals quickly and take appropriate action immediately – something certification cannot do alone.

Away Home & Pet Care ensures our sitters are well-qualified to properly care for your pets and your home. Simple things such as prevent lock outs and ensuring the home is pet safe are often overlooked by less experienced pet sitters. The difference is even more stark when it comes to potential medical concerns that might be less obvious, such as a change in your pet’s bathroom habits. 

Professional Pet Sitters Are Insured and Bonded

Professional pet sitters carry insurance and bonds in order to safeguard both the animal they’re caring for as well as their clients from potential liabilities or incidents that might occur while the pet is under their care. Liability insurance provides pet owners with peace of mind knowing their animal is being provided the care it needs with any costs related to accidents or emergency situations covered financially by professional sitters if any mishaps should arise during its stay with them.

Professional pet sitters may offer an additional layer of financial protection for their clients by being bonded. A bond ensures that sitters will abide by all laws when caring for pets entrusted to them, giving both parties involved peace of mind that their beloved companion is being handled responsibly.

Background Checks 

Professional pet sitters undergo background checks in order to provide their clients with confidence that they can trust them with their pets and maintain proper handling techniques when working with animals. Furthermore, many sitters must sign confidentiality agreements ensuring both parties remain safe.

Background checks help create a safe environment for both the animal and pet sitter. Furthermore, pet owners have peace of mind knowing their pet will be looked after by an experienced professional.

Time and Availability

One key difference between professional pet sitters and those who simply watch pets as a hobby is how much time each person can devote to taking care of the animals. A professional sitter often dedicates more of their time providing care, with frequent check-ins and tailored routines tailored specifically to each animal in their charge.

Professional pet sitters tend to be available most hours of the day, including morning and evenings. Their dependability means you don’t need to worry about them not showing up or not being available when needed; on the other hand, part-time pet sitters may have other obligations that take precedence over looking after your pets such as employment obligations or family commitments.

Many professional pet sitters will also have backup sitters available should the primary pet sitter unexpectedly be unavailable. 


Professional full-time pet sitters are dedicated to their clients and their animals, prioritizing work to meet client expectations while taking responsibility seriously for care given. Contracts will ensure the highest standard of service is provided. Part-time sitters may have other obligations competing for their time and attention which could reduce availability or commitment levels.

Professional pet sitters take great pride in the care they provide to animals under their supervision, so they strive to provide services that exceed clients’ expectations and protect their business reputation. After all, their business reputation is on the line with every client interaction.

Cost of a Professional Pet Sitter vs. a Part Time Pet Sitter

The costs associated with professional pet sitting tend to be higher than those associated with part-time pet sitting services, due to increased time and expertise required in performing their jobs. Furthermore, as legitimate business entities they must account for expenses like insurance policies, license fees, training courses and taxes as part of their costs.

On the other hand, part-time pet sitters might not incur as many overhead costs and charge lower rates due to being focused solely on pet sitting – however this comes at a price: you might get less experienced or reliable service in return.

Even with its higher costs, many pet owners find peace of mind in hiring professional pet sitters for the extra services such as dog walking and grooming they provide that cannot be found with part-time pet sitters.

Which Should You Select? 

Selecting between professional and part-time pet sitters is ultimately up to you, depending on your desired level of care, frequency of visits required, budget constraints and personal preference. Part-time services might be more suitable if cost is a primary concern; otherwise if quality of service or frequent visits are essential then professional sitters would likely be best.

No matter which option you decide upon, it is essential that you conduct thorough research and ask pertinent questions about potential pet sitters. Be sure to obtain references, request proof of insurance and ensure that they possess sufficient credentials – your furry friends will appreciate this gesture!

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