Winter Pet Safety Advice

Dog in the snow

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You know how the song goes …”oh…the weather outside is frightful….”, right?  Winter-time and the inclement weather that it brings can be “frightful” for your fur-kids too, but your pet care professionals at Away Home & Pet Care are here to help you get your pets safely through the winter months. Read on…..

Garage Check

Away Home & Pet Care suggests that all their clients do a “garage check” when it starts to get cold (and all year long!). Clean up any chemical spills and make sure that salt-based ice melters are put away. Antifreeze is DEADLY. Fur-kids like it because of its sweet taste and 1 or 2 teaspoons is all it takes to kill your dog or cat.. Salt can be a skin-irritant.  Make sure that you wash your dog’s feet when they come inside if you’ve been out walking them to prevent chemical burns.

Sensitive Pups

Puppies, senior dogs and sick dogs are more sensitive than others to cold temperatures.  Make sure that if you have a puppy, senior dog or a pet with a compromised immune system stays in a warm, dry environment, otherwise you may expose them to hypothermia, frostbite or worse.


Skip the haircut! Do you shave your pets down in the summer?  You’ll want to skip that haircut in the winter.  They need their winter coats…just like we do! Dogs with short coats or low body fat like Chihuahuas, Greyhounds, etc. will definitely thank you for a warm sweater or their very own winter coat when it gets cold.

Working long hours or traveling and need a pet sitter or dog walker this winter?  Let Away Home & Pet Care meet your pet sitting and dog walking needs this winter.  Our trained professionals know exactly what to do to keep your fur-kids safe and warm during the winter months. 

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