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Cat Sitter Ogden Utah

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Are You an Ogden cat lover and these sound familiar?

  • Your cat needs someone you can entrust with its care while you are away, but you do not know how to find someone dependable enough.
  • You fear your cat may not receive proper feeding or attention while in your absence.
  • Your cat may be anxious when left in an unfamiliar environment.

Away Home & Pet Care’s premium cat sitting services in Ogden can offer some peace of mind. Our experienced team of cat sitters will offer customized care that ensures its well-being while you’re away – they’ll make sure it feels safe, loved, and at ease with its surroundings. Continue reading about why Away Home & Pet Care should take responsibility for caring for your feline friend!

Experienced and Reliable Team

As we understand leaving your cat with someone can be stressful, rest easy knowing your pet will be taken care of by our team of cat sitters who have been trained to the highest standards in cat care, emergency response, and first aid. They know exactly how to take care of your feline friend no matter the circumstance! Additionally, background checks are conducted regularly on each cat sitter to ensure they can be trusted and reliable companions for your furry family member.

Our expert cat sitters understand cats and their needs. They know exactly what will satisfy your felines.

Personalized Cat Care

At Away Home & Pet Care, we understand that every cat has individual needs and preferences that need to be met when providing care. Our cat sitters take great pride in learning your cat’s personality, likes, and dislikes before providing tailored routines such as feeding times, play times, and cuddle times to make sure he or she stays as happy and comfortable while you’re away – our sitters will follow his or her pace!

Flexible and Convenient Service

We offer convenient and flexible cat sitting services tailored to meet the needs of frequent travelers who require regular cat sitting services, in addition to additional services such as litter box cleaning and medication administration.

Scheduling is a cinch with our mobile app, and you can make reservations 24/7 no matter where you are.

Make Sure Your Cat Has a Safe and Cozy Environment

Our professional cat sitters provide the utmost comfort for your feline while you’re away, by filling up and cleaning out their food and water bowls, giving plenty of attention and playtime while spending quality time with your feline friend.

We understand that cats can be sensitive to change, often becoming anxious or fearful when faced with something new. All our cat-sitters go through Fear-Free certification. This means they have been trained in techniques and strategies designed to alleviate stress and anxiety for our feline clients while creating a safe environment.

Prepare Your Pets and Home for a Visit by a Cat Sitter

It is vital that your home be as welcoming and safe for your feline friend as possible when hosting a visit from a Cat Sitter. Ensure all hazards from the area have been eliminated, such as loose wires and cords; small spaces where cats could become stuck; plants and cleaning products which might pose threats; keep plants away from felines so as to prevent knock-overs by your feline guests.

Assuring consistent care no matter who sits your cat is key. Away Home & Pet Care uses software to document and track its daily routine for your cat, so care remains consistent across every cat sitter.

Affordable and Reliable Service

Our premium cat-sitting services offer reliable and cost-effective cat care services, especially for households with multiple pets. Our services are priced competitively while still maintaining excellent care standards – keeping your feline healthy and content while you’re away! In addition, you’ll always be kept in the loop with daily visit reports and pictures. You’ll never have to wonder how your kitty is doing while you’re away.

Hiring a cat sitter in Ogden doesn’t need to be stressful. Our premium cat sitting service offers peace of mind knowing your cat is being properly looked after by experienced, reliable cat sitters – who offer customized care so your feline feels welcome and valued.

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